Buttock Lifting - BBL

Modeling the posterior to obtain the much desired bulging, round, sensual look is an operation that has become more and more demanded lately. The method is ultra-known as "Brazilian But Lift" / Brazilian butt lift and is one of the most accessed cosmetic procedures by Hollywood stars. Through the Brazilian butt lift procedure, the doctor specializing in plastic surgery can improve the proportions of your whole body. The result is a well-proportioned, hourglass-shaped body with a smaller waist and a more pronounced and firm posterior as you always wanted!

Buttock lift successfully shapes the buttocks in two ways: own fat transfer (a thin person who does not have enough fat can not choose this type of operation), or buttock implant.

Buttock implants are products manufactured by the same companies as in the case of breast implants, have the same quality and are also guaranteed for life by manufacturers. They have a rounded shape, different sizes and projections so that they fit any patient.

This operation is intensely customized, the results depend quite a lot from one patient to another, they can last between 3 and 6 months, with a guarantee margin of 6 months.

For about 8 weeks you must avoid any direct pressure on the area, sitting without a soft pillow is prohibited. Postoperative pain is usually of low intensity. Bruising and swelling (edema) in the operated areas disappear in two weeks.

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