Will I have pain during or after surgery?

The intervention will be performed under local anesthesia, the anesthesia lasts a maximum of 5 minutes and during the anesthesia burns will be felt .. Continue

How will the hairline be established and by whom?

The new hairline will be determined by your doctor based on the structure of your physiognomy and ultimately approved by the patient... Continue

Are there any risks during or postoperatively?

There is no intervention that presents absolutely no risk. Usually the hair / beard / eyebrow transplant is a fairly easy surgery, which is performed under local anesthesia.. Continue

What restrictions do I have after hair transplantation?

Generally after the hair transplant it is recommended not to consume alcohol for a week, if you are a smoker it is highly recommended to reduce to a minimum number of daily cigarettes.. Continue

Are silicones for life or do they need to be replaced after a while?

Silicone implants do not need to be changed for a certain period of time, they can be worn for life... Continue

If I have a breast augmentation / reduction / lifting operation, what anesthesia is done and how long do I stay in the hospital?

Breast surgeries are performed under general anesthesia and require one day of postoperative hospitalization... Continue

What does a breast augmentation operation include?

Affective preoperative analyzes, silicone implant, bustier, hospitalisation for one night, hotel accommodation, transfer from the airport to the hotel and hospita.. Continue

To whom is the rhinoplasty operation addressed?

Rhinoplasty can be done by anyone with breathing problems, septal deviation, or people who have a larger, more sloping nose, asymmetrical nostrils.. Continue

At what age is rhinoplasty surgery recommended?

From the age of 18, all adults who do not have other serious health problems can have rhinoplasty surgery. .. Continue

After how long can I wear glasses if I chose to have a rhinoplasty?

It is generally recommended not to wear glasses for 3 months, but if they are very light and do not press on the nose then they can be worn very carefully... Continue

Can smokers perform cosmetic surgery?

In general, cigarettes have a negative effect on our health. If you are a smoker after surgery it is advisable to give up cigarettes or at least smoke in smaller amounts.. Continue

What is the body mass index and after what index can I be a candidate for bariatric surgery?

Body mass index between 19 and 24 determines a person who has no weight problems, if you are over 35 then you are an ideal candidate for stomach reduction surgery... Continue

Should a diet be followed after stomach reduction surgery?

Yes, a strict diet must be followed and a diet program to be established by the nutritionist must be followed. The stomach is shrunk and.. Continue

Can I have an implant without a haircut?

In general, women prefer hair transplant without cutting, but also men who work in contact with the public and where the image matters a lot... Continue

When does my implanted hair grow?

The implanted hair will grow immediately after the operation and in the first month it will have an ascending appearance. After the first month it will fall out.. Continue

How can I make an appointment at PROOFMED CLİNİC?

In order to make an appointment, you must establish, together with the medical consultant in charge of your case, a date when it is established by mutual agreement.. Continue

Will I have pain after the intervention and when can I return to daily activities?

The vast majority of patients do not experience pain after surgery except in extremely rare cases. During the operation you will be given intravenous sedatives.. Continue

How long does the hair transplant procedure take?

Depending on the degree of baldness and the structure of the follicular units of each patient, the intervention lasts between 6 to 8 hours.. Continue

What restrictions do I have before the intervention?

Two weeks before the operation, you should give up medications such as aspirin, or medications with similar actions, as well as not drinking a week before your implant... Continue

Do scars remain after breast surgery?

In cosmetic surgery, special sutures are used to hide the scars as much as possible, surgical cuts are generally made in the least visible places... Continue

When do I have to come to the consultation?

The Plastic Surgeon will consult you on the first day after the operation, at which point the bandages will be changed. Later you do not need to come to the consultation.. Continue