Sapphire Hair Transplant

The FUE method (follicular unit extraction) is considered one of the latest, most modern and most used hair implant methods that ensures a natural result. Today, it offers the possibility of using other special devices with sapphire blades.

Hair transplant with sapphire blades is not necessarily a new technique but rather an innovation of the fue method using micro sapphire with sapphire blades.

Both men and women struggle with permanent hair loss. The reasons why alopecia progresses are of different nature: stress, inadequate diet such as drastic diets or starvation, genetic factors or sometimes certain chronic diseases. In the fight against alopecia, the most effective result is the hair implant. No one can dispute the importance and fame of the FUE implantation method. The acronym FUE comes from the English name "Follicular Extraction Unit"


The hair transplant begins with the definition of the frontal hairline, depending on the physiognomy of each patient. The frontal hairline will be defined by the doctor but ultimately approved by the patient. Blood tests will then follow, blood collection will be taken for a Prp injection. The operation will begin by trimming the occipital area where the grafts will be harvested (follicular units or hair roots that may have one, two, three or even more hairs). The method of graft extraction in the technique was the main difference from the previous FUT procedure, where a consistent part of the scalp is cut to be stripped of grafts leaving a huge scar, but with the FUE extraction  technique is wire by wire using a micromotor or manually. Hair root extraction will begin after the scalp surface is anesthetized. The surgery is performed under local anesthesia with lidocaine or its derivatives, the same substances that your dentist uses. During the operation the patient will not feel any pain at all. It is very important to tell your surgeon if you are allergic to any of the anesthetics. The FUE SAFİR method is the latest technique in the field of hair transplant, offering the patient increased comfort due to: lack of intra and postoperative pain, rapid healing (5-7 days) and minimal scarring. During the micro-channel opening stage, the steel slats are used to open the U-shaped channels. While with the sapphire slats, the channels are open in a V-shape. The U-shaped arrangements create larger channels of 1mm which produce more bleeding and a lower density. As a result, Sapphire blades allow the opening of channels with a diameter of 0.5 mm to 0.7 mm closer to each other, which allows a higher density and better healing. And finally in the open microchannels with the help of sapphire blades will be implanted with the grafts obtained during the extraction, with the help of the latest generation implanters taking into account the density and angles of hair growth.

What are my advantages if I use a sapphire hair transplant?
• Faster scalp healing.
• The crusts will be less visible.
• Healing time will be faster.
• There will be no visible scars.
• The density of the hair will be higher, the final result being a dense hair with a natural look.
• Reduced risk of postoperative trauma.
• The scalp tissues will heal faster.

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