Facial Lifting

After 50 years, age causes the facial muscles and facial skin to change substantially. Facial lifting is the solution. Facial lifting can be an excellent choice for young people, starting from 35 years of age.

The result of a facelift is truly spectacular because it can rejuvenate you by at least 10 years. The dream of eternal youth is everyone's obsession. Cosmetic surgery aims not only to fight time that alters the lines of our face, but also to redraw a part of our figure that we do not like. Facial lifting is the key to sagging cheeks, "double chin", undecided lip angle or wrinkles in formation.

Lifting can make time stop  and restore the natural beauty of the face and in addition, it can restore your self-confidence. Lifting is a surgical method that allows the restoration of various structures of the face and neck. The result is a rejuvenated figure, with rounder shapes, an oval resculpted with the disappearance of fallen skin and the stretching of expression wrinkles, a natural mine that erases the imperfections of aged skin, a restructured neck in terms of skin and muscles.

Only after 4-6 weeks can you get an idea of the final result of the operation, even if the scars are still slightly colored and do not fade after about 6 months. The incisions are hidden in the patient's hair and at the grooves of the earlobe, which makes them easy to hide, almost invisible. It is important to mention that the facelift has no action on the expression of the figure, i.e. there is no problem of changing the appearance of the face or expression of the patient, but only offers them to regain their previous appearance.


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