Mesotherapy is a non-surgical dermatocosmetic procedure, which involves injecting mixtures of pharmacologically active substances into the mesoderm (middle layer of the skin) - the place where the most important biological processes of the skin take place. The substances used in the therapy are introduced locally, in small quantities, with the help of very thin needles or with the help of devices. The therapy is minimally invasive and not too painful when injected locally and completely harmless when using “needle-free” devices. Usually the mesotherapy session does not exceed 30-45 minutes, and the effects become visible depending on each patient. On average, the first improvements that the patient observes appear after 2-3 sessions of mesotherapy, in general, it takes 4-6 sessions to observe an obvious effect.

Your hair needs Amino acids, nucleic acids, antioxidants and coenzymes in order to grow beautifully. In the case of a healthy diet, your hair will not suffer, but the problem occurs when you are already on the verge of a vitamin deficiency.Non-surgical and minimally invasive treatment involves direct injection of necessary substances in the areas suffering from hair loss.It is a perfectly personalized cocktail, which can contain vitamins, vasodilators for a better circulation, bioactive substances, minerals, amino acids, all ideally suited to your needs.

The effects? First of all, the circulation in the scalp is stimulated, the phenomenon of hair loss is diminished or even stopped, and the regeneration of the cuticle is accelerated. In the long run, the hair regains its density and body, and the hair thickens and restores its structure, as the scalp is oxygenated, which will stimulate hair growth.

It is recommended that after the mesotherapy session against hair loss not to wash your head, or to dye and avoid using styling products for a few days. Specialists also recommend that you stay away from the sauna and stop intense sports activities for a few days.

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