Hair Transplant By DHI Technique

DHI hair transplantation is a minimal invasive technique. DHI hair transplantation, Direct Hair Implantation, is a modern hair transplant technique developed by the FUE subgroup. Hair transplantation by DHİ technique offers 100% natural results, uses very advanced implantation tools and it is not necessary to open the microchannels as in the FUE technique. The DHİ technique is differentiated by the way the incision grafts are implanted and the implant is made simultaneously. The CHOİ-PEN implant as it is also called has a very thin and sharp tip in a cylindrical shape. The DHİ implantation technique is also known as - CHOİ TECHNIQUE. The DHİ technique has started to be used more widely since the 2010s, now being a technique that makes patients' hopes and expectations come true.

The intervention will take place with local anesthesia, and not general anesthesia, to allow the patient to resume their daily activities directly after the operation.

During the absorption of hair follicles, each hair follicle is extracted one by one from the donor site, with an instrument called a micro motor or manual with a maximum diameter of 0.7 mm -0.8mm of 1 mm. The follicles are then maintained at a certain temperature, and after placed, in a solution that improves the quality of the grafts without separating, cutting or generally touching.

In the insertion stage, the hair follicles are implanted directly in the area where the hair loss occurs, using a patented DHI Implanter device or Choi-pen without previously forming a slit. With DHI hair transplant, complete control of the depth, direction and placement angle of each graft ensures 100% natural results, maximum density and you will never lose your transplanted hair and it will last a lifetime. During a procedure, between 12-14 Choi-Pen pens and 15-16 needles of different sizes are used to fit the follicles.


If you choose to do the transplant using the dhi technique, you do not have to apply it on the surface of the scalp, in general this technique allows the implant of grafts between the hairs.

This technique is especially chosen by women but also by men who do not want to shave their hair.

In most surgeries, patients can return to work the day after surgery.

Complete results and complete hair growth take 12 months, but the results, including previous hair treatment, become visible after three months.

Reducing the time the grafts stay out of the body.

Reduction of bleeding.

Rapid recovery in the postoperative phase, no scars remain.

It is a procedure performed by surgeons and teams specialized in the field. It offers 100% safety, natural results, maximum applicability and lifelong growth.

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