Mastopexy- Mamar Lifting

Breast sagging can occur in varying degrees and types. It is one of the most awkward situations for women from an aesthetic point of view. In some cases there is a loss in volume with the sagging of the breasts and it is necessary to apply the silicone prosthesis, in other cases the sagging of the breasts can be corrected only by applying the prosthesis.

The cosmetic operation for lifting, also called breast lift or mastopexy, is done to improve the appearance and shape of fallen or sagging breasts, with or without a breast implant.

Mastopexy is the cosmetic operation that is addressed to patients with sagging breasts after pregnancy, weight loss or aging.

Depending on how fallen the breasts are (degree of ptosis) there are 4 types of breast lifts, classified by the number of postoperative scars.

SIMPLE BREAST LIFTING - Breast lift without changing the size
MASTOPEXY WITH BREAST IMPLANT- lifting the breast and enlarging it
LİFTİNG BREAST WITH BREAST REDUCTION - raising the breast and reducing it.
LİFTİNG BREAST LIFTING AND CORRECTION - when the breasts are asymmetrical and fallen.

The operation does not present a risk for pregnancy and subsequent breastfeeding.

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